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Welcome to Critical STEPS

Critical STEPS is a novel concept based on maximizing hands-on experience with immersive multidisciplinary simulation and expert debriefing.

STEPS is an acronym for Simulation Training and Essential Procedural Skills.

Our modern, unique and innovative courses will teach you concepts, methods and skills including critical care procedures with interactive group discussions, hands-on workshops and extensive Simulation sessions.

A variety of courses are offered as below:

  • 3-day Essential STEPS Course – comprises of Medical and Nursing courses
    • The RAPID STEPS Course is the Medical component and it is targeted at pre-vocational doctors or doctors-in-training in critical care specialties such as Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Anaesthesia and Acute Medicine.
    • The Nursing STEPS Course which is held simultaneously is aimed at nurses in Critical Care specialties such as Emergency, ICU, Anaesthesia and Coronary Care.
      • Both the courses are organized as a single event with sessions run concurrently and in parallel concluding in multidisciplinary immersive simulation with expert debriefing.
  • 2-day ADVANCED STEPS Course
    • It comprises of management and troubleshooting of Difficult airway (videolaryngoscopy, fast-track intubation, cricothyroidotomy), Advanced ventilatory strategies (APRV, NAVA, PRVC, Proning etc), advanced circulatory management (PiCCO, Swan-Ganz etc.) This course is targeted to benefit the advanced trainees and specialists in Intensive Care Medicine, Anaesthesia and Emergency Medicine.
  • 1-day Trache-STEPS Course
    • This is a new concept which was very well received at the World Congress of Intensive Care Medicine, held in Melbourne 2019. This course provides a multi-disciplinary approach insertion, management and troubleshooting of Percutaneous Tracheostomy in Intensive Care patients. This course has extensive hands-on sessions with state-of-the-art equipment and hi-fi immersive simulation sessions with expert debriefing.
  • 1-Day RAPID STEPS Course
    • Recognizing and Responding Appropriately to Patients in Deterioration
    • This course in aimed at rural and regional centers and caters to rural GPs or rural doctors-in-training and is organized as per the local demand.


The Critical STEPS concept has been developed by amalgamating three successfully run courses:

– ABC of Critical Skills Workshop, Gold Coast (Dr Yogesh Apte)

– ICE Course, Box Hill ICM Course (Dr Max Moser) and

– RAPID Course, Frankston (Dr Ashwin Subramaniam)

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